Bocce, a strategic ball sport, is based on one of the oldest diversions known to man – throwing something at a target. The game of bocce we play today, safely, does not involve throwing rocks and large stones but rather has elements of bowling and horseshoes.

With a history dating before the Roman Empire the game of bocce, a tradition in most Italian households, has been played by our own Italian family since our fore fathers immigrated to Cincinnati. In 1991, to pay tribute, we enclosed the southwest corner of our parking lot and built two regulation sized bocce courts with a patio area and bar. The courts are 12 feet wide and 72 feet long with boards four and one-half inches tall surrounding and a surface that is packed with dirt and gravel.

Playing bocce is easy, and more importantly, fun! Teams can consist of two or four players and during a roll two opposing players compete at a time. Our games are set-up to be played to twelve (12) and our league matches are the best two out of three. The game starts with the pallino. The pallino, a small white ball, is rolled onto the court and becomes the target. Players roll lager balls to see who can come the closest to the pallino. Players can move the pallino with their balls or knock opposing balls further away. This is where experience and strategy comes in. But don’t worry if you are not as practiced as some of our league players. Bocce is a game that can be picked up quick by anyone who is willing to give it a roll…literally.

Our Bocce season runs mid-April to October. We have leagues that run for 21 weeks out of the year, with 64 teams competing for the coveted Pompilios Bocce League Champion’s trophy. The courts are available for open play during the day and on Friday and Saturday nights. Want to watch before you try and play? Our patio dining area, which includes a full service bar, is open 7 days a week in the evening. Live music can be heard on the patio Friday and Saturday nights weather permitting.

Next time you visit Pompilios come outside and play a game of Bocce!